Destination Southampton

Have you ever been to Southampton? The village is one of ten towns located in the Suffolk County area on Long Island, approximately 80 miles from my New York City. It is part of what are referred to as the “East End Towns”, the group of five communities at the East End of the island. It also the largest and most populous, and it’s no wonder, due to the amazing world-class beaches, restaurants, social events, celebrity sighting and benefits. It’s the place to be and be seen. Jet-setters from around the world visit the Hamptons each year and make it their playground for fun in the sun. Some notable past and present residents include Martha Stewart, Ina Garten, Steven Spielberg, and Renee Zellweger. And let’s not forget that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was also born into the Bouvier clan right in the local Southampton Hospital.

Why am I headed to the Hamptons? Well, in addition to the alluring elements noted above, unlike Connecticut beaches, Southampton offers miles of ocean and beaches as far as the eye can see. With my LV luggage packed and Violet freshly out of the beauty parlor, we are ready to make Southampton our home away from home for the month of September. Team Mar will stay behind tending to the business, the garden and updating me on several projects that I conveniently scheduled for them. My home will continue to be full of activity, but other than a few days here and there to film “Fall in the garden” segments I’ll convert Southampton into my base of operation and as my new mobile office.

While in Southampton I plan on enjoying long walks on the beach, locally grown produce, fresh seafood, welcoming dear friends as overnight and weekend guests, and of course plenty of cocktails. To me, this is paradise, as the quaint New England villages, trendy restaurants amazing antique stores add to the overall ambiance and experience. Did I mention the exciting nightlife? Oh my, I should keep some secrets.

September in the Hamptons is a wonderful “off season” time of year to enjoy the island. I prefer this time of year as the crowds are gone, the nights are cooler, the ‘little darlings’ are back to school, and I can make a dinner reservation without getting any attitude for being last minute. The result? I’ll get inspired and recharge my soul, all while indulging my love for the ocean, thus creating an environment that offers me prolific inspiration. Are you ready? I’m set to go! Destination Southampton: here I come!