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Created with sustainability and you in mind. I have happy memories of how so many of you have visited and embraced the essence of my home, Rosebrook Gardens, over the decades and wanted to create  something more lasting than just a casual visit.

100% Soy Wax | 100% Pure Essential Oils
Phthalates & Paraffins Free
All Natural Cotton Wick


Jasmine Bamboo was inspired by a special sensory memory: the delicious height of summer, when the scent of jasmine wafts through my Garden Studio, keeping me company while at work. This intensely floral scent is balanced by subtle, softwood, which represents the studio structure itself.


Rosebrook Gardens: ROSES & PEONIES

Named for the spectacular showing of flowers in my garden, Roses & Peonies is a captivating and inviting scent that blends two of the most abundant blooms on my property: roses–the namesake of the home–and peony, my home’s signature cutting flower.


The Mar candles are all-natural, paraffin-free, fragranced with essential oils, and boast an above-average burn time of 120 hours. And with a retail price of only $64.00, it’s a Casual Luxury that everyone can afford. There are currently six amazing fragrances in the Collection to choose from, both directly inspired by Life on Mar’s here at my home.

I hope the lighting of a candle helps you connect with yourself and the simple pleasures that surround you. For me it’s all manner of things, including a kind smile from a stranger, a beautifully loving dog awaiting its owner, and the sounds and colors of my garden beginning to unfold and prepare itself for the season. All allow me to reflect and appreciate the journey that has taken me to this wonderful place in my life thus validating why life should be memorable!

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