Quick… shut the door!

It’s been a while since I blogged about my miniature schnauzer, Violet Annabelle Rose Von Schnorkenheimer, and now that she’s 18 months, fully grown and 12 lbs, I can undoubtedly say she is a teenager.

All children eventually grow up and Violet is no exception. She is smart, well educated, travels and enjoys both the city and country life. But along with all this style and sophistication, she has one not-so-refined habit. (Well, two if you count her barking.)

No one would suspect this odd new trait. The fact remains, even once you learn what it is, to look at her one would say she has become quite a regal and refined lady. With her designer Hermes collar, a string of freshwater pearls, distinct brown eyes and nose, and happy, affectionate demeanor she often stops people in their tacks, as everyone wants to know what kind of breed she is. In spite of her light taupe color, Violet’s belly still reflects her signature brown markings that I fell in love with. My once little baby girl has become a wonderful lovable pet that I proudly – and often – refer to as my daughter.

That said, pets, a lot like children, sometimes do things that can mortify us, yet still be somehow cute and funny. With so many friends visiting this summer, Miss “V” (as so many like to call her) is used to having other people around. She’s developed a fondness for jumping into bed with any of my overnight guests. Yes, that’s right, she loves to enter the guestrooms in the middle of the night and sneak a snuggle/hug for a couple of hours. If the door is not completely closed she will push it open by getting a running start. Cute right? But although some people wouldn’t like that, this is still not the unrefined habit I teased. It gets even better.

Last weekend this cute bed-hopping trick was trumped by a new, even more “entertaining” one: opening the bathroom door. My friend, who shall remain nameless, went to the powder room and just at the right moment and without any warning Violet pushed the door open and jumped on her lap. With the door wide open for all to see she began screaming from horror and embarrassment. I quickly came to the rescue to close the door. A week later, while Violet and I visited a friend in town, she once again made a bee line to the bathroom door. I yelled, “Quick…shut the door” too late, as another victim was claimed. I can tell you – more doors will be fully shut in the future, that’s for sure!