Me and my shoes

You may be surprised to learn that I love, love, did I mention love, shoes, and lots of them. Hello everyone, meet the male “Carrie Bradshaw” of shoes.

It’s not my fault. Thanks to my Mother, my appreciation and obsession began as a young boy with my very first pair(s) of Buster Brown’s. She bought me three pairs and made me promise not to tell my brothers or my Father.

I know I’m not alone. When I have an important meeting or lecture, I wear my favorite loafers. When filming, I also step up my shoes a notch even though producers always remind me that they won’t be in the shot. Most TV people wear sneakers on the set. For me, sneakers are for the gym, not for every day. When I travel, I can always spot the tourists. They are usually wearing sneakers and not the fashionable ones!

Today, you don’t have to be a woman to love shoes. A good shoe collection is an essential part of any gentleman’s wardrobe. I know shoes do not define the man (or woman), but boy can they tell you a lot about a person. Put it to the test by checking out the footwear of the next man or woman you see. Are they wearing sneakers? Are they corporate? Are they stylish? And most importantly, are they clean and/or polished? Then ask them what they do for a living. The shoes should match the person’s career.

No matter where I go, I always take plenty of shoes. My buddy Dave and his wife are visiting me this weekend and he too has the male shoe bug. My pal Jason’s wife keeps telling me to please not encourage her husband with my shoe acquisition program. Both friends are creative, successful businessmen who also happen to enjoy the benefits of owning a good shoe collection.

As for the single ladies out there, when your Prince Charming comes along carrying that glass slipper for you to try on, make sure you check out his shoes first.