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Busy Bee

This week I was inspired by the crisp, cooler temperatures that graced the Northeast. It validated that it was time to get back to work in the garden and get busy with pruning, Read more…

Get Out!

There is no better way to extend your home’s footprint than by creating outdoor spaces. Small homes can take on an expended new meaning when patios and terraces are introduced into the landscaping design.  Read more…

The View

As many as you many of you know I’m all about the garden. I can’t wait for the growing season to spring into action and for things to start blooming. That is when my beautiful garden really comes together.

Oh, What a Night!

We had a great event last night, and I saw many of you in person. The crowd was gorgeous and the evening was perfect. If you were there or wished you were, I want to share the statistics with you.

Wonderful Wonder Woman

I have always wondered about Wonder Woman and admired strong women in general. During my skating days, banking and now real estate days, I’ve worked alongside many amazing women but I’ve never forgotten how Wonder Woman inspired me.

Wistful for Wisteria

Tiffany & Co. Is famous for delightful objects and jewelry delivered in their famous blue box. But did you know that although the brand is associated with big-city elegance, the creator of the brand, Louis Comfort Tiffany, felt a deeper connection to Mother Nature than to urban life?

A Perfect Union

One of the biggest challenges in designing and selling a home and space is giving it life.This is exemplified when you are dealing with a new home and of course, Read more…