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New Baby Announcement

Mar William Jennings & Violet Annabelle Rose Von Schnorkenheimer are proud to announce the impending arrival of a new little girl:
Daisy Aster Rose Von Schnorkenheimer
She is barely a month old, Read more…

Shady Times

Well, MARtians, you know when it comes to window treatments I always dare to go bare–meaning I elect not to install any dressing to my windows. Read more…

My Bionic Woman

Yup, me and Lindsay Wagner, together at last!
I  waited until today to post my blog because I wanted to share my Bionic Experience—and I eard from many of you on social media that you were dying for details. Read more…

Busy Bee

This week I was inspired by the crisp, cooler temperatures that graced the Northeast. It validated that it was time to get back to work in the garden and get busy with pruning, Read more…