My Messy Bedroom

As time goes on, so do opportunities to make personal choices and find new design details. That said, I’m no stranger to change as I have continuously adapted my life around change. People come and go, jobs change and even relationships end and begin.

However my favorite type of change must be renovations! Where you let go of the past and embark on something new. As an advocate of all things beautiful and a proponent for surrounding oneself with beauty (both in people and my surroundings) I turn my attention to my private quarters. And now they are getting a major design infusion.

The bedroom proper it’s getting a major upgrade with shiplap ceilings, new lighting and custom closets to house my never ending supply of sport coats, suits, sweaters and shoes. I’m inspired by a retail department store vibe. Meaning: easy access, you can see everything, and curated to perfection. Glass doors and LED lighting will bring the custom closets to life, not just as great storage spaces but also decorative, functional and stylish.

Truth be told, a lot like my recent clothing marder. However, this time much, much bigger, lining the entire back side of the house–approximately 22 feet long. I’m not gaining any extra square footage, rather I am making what I formally had better appointed, better organized and aesthetically pleasing. Everything will have a purpose and everything that has a purpose will have a space. Meaning: laundry bin, drycleaning bin and folding table, to name a few lifestyle elements.

In addition to the build-outs, the room will come together with a new bed, bedding, recessed lighting and of course a shiplap ceiling thus the results will personify a true Casual Luxury transformation.

They say it will get worse before it gets better and that, my martians, is true. Believe it or not, sometimes hard to see in the midst of this organized chaos.

I love my home and as I look to celebrate 25 years at Rosebrook Gardens I can’t help but ponder the many blessings this wonderful home has offered. Truly my sanctuary, passion, brand and creative outlet. There truly is no place like home.