There’s No Place Like Home.

This year’s holiday season I reflected on the years passed while embracing the fantastic memories of joy & cheer, I’m proclaiming the spirit of the season with festive lights and holiday décor. In early 2020 I thought it would be the year I got everything I wanted but now I know 2020 is the year we all paused to appreciate everything we have.

Rosebrook Gardens is my never-ending good cheer of hope, love and beauty. Truth be told, not just for me but for the many who have visited me and commented with such passionate, kind words for my home and gardens. Rosebrook Gardens is and will always be the foundation of my heart, soul and brand. My home is prominent as the key element of many inspirations in my life: my two design books, my lectures, my garden tours and of course LIFE ON MAR’S; The Home Makeover Show (now in full production of our fourth season.)

As the world we live in changed in early 2020 I was proud to withdraw with my mini schnauzer Daisy and truly retreat and enjoy the beauty I created over the decades. As for many of us, this year our home became our sanctuary, our protector and our biggest defense against all the bad news outside.

Therefore, I welcomed December and the spirit of Christmas with lots of décor, all underscored with frosted, delicate white lighting on my front door, Garden Studio, Folly, balcony, and even my side terrace. In fact, it even garnered an outdoor Christmas tree to help proclaim the festivities and the end of a long year. I was excited to capture the beauty for all to enjoy beyond my small private road, therefore I brought in “team Mar” production team and experts to film the beauty at the perfect moment: twilight! Thus capturing the moment in time for the world to see. (watch here) For me, it was also a way to honor that our priorities changed and we all redirected inward, solidifying our home as the true protector and unsung hero.

So I say…embrace your home, small or large, and the season and show your spirit! Because there truly is “No place like home”.