You Can’t Get MARried Without MAR

Weddings: a 160 billion dollar business!  Wow, now that’s worth learning more about.  Today the average wedding in America costs around $29,000.00 and with so many different resources it’s no wonder we don’t know where to start. Magazines. TV Shows. Fairs. Stores. All are dedicated the big day, but how do you make your way through all that while trying to save money — and still having a wedding to remember?
Not to worry Mar is here as I have designed every price point wedding, so I know the deals and the steals.

Home weddings are back in style!  If you know anyone with a beautiful home or a large garden, consider having the wedding there. A garden wedding and reception are always beautiful. Just remember that tents can be just as expensive as a location to make sure you do your homework, compare prices and get all the proper permits ahead of time.

Today, modesty is making a BIG comeback!

Invitations: come now, do you really need to kill a tree to tell everyone you are getting married? Keep it simple and consider on-line resources for the best deals, or consider printing them yourself.  Keep postage cost down by not using oversize or heavy paper. It should never cost you $4.00 to send an invitation — It’s not necessary nor does it say anything more than excess. If you know a creative person in your family, ask for his or her help instead of a gift. It’s a win — win for you, the budget and them.

A wedding dress is important, beware of the upcoming frankness here, at the end of the day it’s nothing more than a dress — and an expensive one. The average bridal gown is $800.00 dollars. I know it’s an emotional thing, but it’s also chic to buy discount design rather than the latest one. What makes a wedding dress “perfectly yours” is how it’s fitted, not how much you paid for it. Less expensive dresses can be just as amazing as high priced designs. Check out small boutique shops and vintage stores.

In 1840, Queen Victoria started the tradition of the white dress. Before that, it was customary for brides to wear a new-ish dress that she would take to her new life. Today’s brides have choices with color and designs. When you have the confidence to get something different that suits your personality and taste, it’s not just a dress, it’s a dream come true.

Flowers? Prepare yourself for sticker shock! Always opt for fresh flowers for the bridal party, but consider silk flowers, plants, candles, shells and decorative stones as alternatives for your tables.  Primroses, Orchids, Ivy topiaries are all good alternatives to cut flowers. Mercury glass vessels are wonderful ways to stage a plant or flower; they offer a powerful upgrade to any vessel, giving you a bang for the buck and last longer than the honeymoon.

When it comes to the time of day for your wedding, why not coincide with a dazzling sunset?  It’s free and all it takes is a little planning.  You can check out the farmer’s almanac, or the United States navy’s we site; for the exact sunset times for every day of the year!  So plan ahead and have Mother Nature be right by your side for that breathtaking sunset display.  My tips: start the ceremony before sunset so you get two types of light for your photos: direct sunshine and breathtaking sunset backdrops. Priceless!

If you’re using candles at your ceremony and worried about them burning too quickly, try this tip: freeze them. That’s right, by freezing candles first you’ll be guaranteed that they burn slower.

If you spending good money having your day filmed you may want to consider insuring it.  What do I mean?  Put your wedding DVD in a safe deposit box and insure it on your homeowner’s policy.  Believe it or not, some insurance policies give you the money on your claim to re-stage your wedding ceremony for pictures.  This is worth asking your carrier about.

No matter how you choose to save money it’s important to have a plan, a budget and friends and family to help the process.  Your wedding is all about you–not your wallet.  Memories last forever, but debt makes it painful to remember.