A week filled with new experiences.

It’s been almost a week with my new baby schnauzer Violet, and today I took advantage of the beautiful weather that we had here in Connecticut to have her discover what Life On Mar’s is all about: the garden. Oh, what kind of gardener would I be if a proper introduction and tour were not part of the overall experience?

She took to this quite well as she slowly wandered and sniffed what I’m sure were all new smells to her. That said, I told her “this was Corky’s old stomping ground” and just as I finished the statement she laid down, crossed her legs and looked right at me. As if she was going to take a moment and acknowledge the iconic Corky. Truth be told, I believed she was humbled by that and required a moment to take it in. This is my dog, right? Pinch me or hit me with a cast iron skillet, as I could not believe my eyes. This only validating what I have been saying all along, “Violet is an old soul in a puppy’s body.”

This week was full of lots of activities as Violet met many new friends: Barbara, Mary, Julian, Chris, Lori, Jason, Geri, Kate, David, Lisa, Cassy, Jackalyn, Jennian, Jeanette and Ann. All fell instantly in love with her; and how could you not! That face! And a perfect violet bow tied around her neck, complemented by a diamond monogrammed “V”. Something I whipped up, as her big-girl collar does not fit yet. Who will she meet next? Children, so she can become used to being around smaller, squealing creatures!

She also greeted her carrying case with much curiosity, allowing her to join me at several lunches (only I knew she was there) and meetings. She was perfectly quiet and once in a while I would hear her yellow ducky squeak letting me know she was having fun, too. The fun continued as she even made her way to meet other dogs, such as Mary’s dog Elizabeth Taylor, and Dave and Kate’s Lola and Boss. You would think she’d had enough to make the week full, right? But wait, there’s more. She learned how to sleep all night, took her first walk with a leash and barked when my mother called. Now that’s my girl!

This photo of Violet in the garden is a perfect example of how little steps will turn to big steps, eventually becoming confident enough to say; bark, bark, bark, bark, bark: “I’m Violet, welcome to Rosebrook Gardens, want a tour?” And unless you’re the UPS guy, you’ll get it.