Ready for the “Violet” Carpet…well, the Oscars.

Violet celebrated her 10-week birthday on Friday and she did it with style. With all the movies nominated I needed to do “quick catch-up movie madness” and who better to join me? Violet! That ‘s right my dog. We ventured out to The Reader, Slum Dog Millionaire, Doubt, and something light: Confessions of a Shopaholic. Can you believe it, my baby girl can sit still to watch a two-hour movie? Now I’m sure I was breaking some rules by bringing her in, but unless you knew that I was not carrying a designer carrying case as a gym bag, no one second-guessed me or stopped me. So in we went. It was a chance I was willing to take, as it was impossible to find a babysitter during the day. That said, I have always loved matinees as it allows you to have a light lunch before venturing to the theater. And even better: no crowds. We both love Kate Winslet, as Violet joined my love affair for her. Did you see her in the Vanity Fair issue? How can you not love her or her work. Kate, call me!

Now let’s get back to the babysitting issues. Long ago – September – I was delighted to accept an invitation to Kathy Griffin live at Madison Square Garden. I was so excited to see her that I forgot I would have a new baby around that time in February. Oh what to do? And now discovering a puppy less than twelve weeks cannot be exposed to other dogs or areas in which other dogs may be poses an even bigger problem. So bringing her to the New York apartment for an overnight stay was not an option. I would need to drive in and out of the city but the one problem was whom could I call to help? I was lucky, as I did not have to go far, as my next-door neighbor Kate saved the day. She visited Violet several times, played with her and texted me an update each time. For those of you who have children and have a babysitter you trust, well you know what I mean. I was calm and relaxed to know that she was in good hands.
As for Kathy Griffin, she was amazing! The seats where close enough that I could see her with two large monitors to the side of the stage. I enjoy her Emmy award-winning TV show My Life on the D-List, and have always admired her respect for her family while having a great sense of humor about them. Something that I could relate to as I know some of my own family stories could be a great punch line. Although I know she has many fans, i”m sure there are also others who do not like her style of humor or comedic persona, I believe her heart is always in the right place. She supports – often quietly – many charities. In fact, that night she had an Iraq veteran who lost his left leg open for her, talking about American’s Vet Dogs, the Veteran’s K-9 Corps, and the need for public support of helper dogs for returning men and women who need them. He got a standing ovation. Choosing to open the show by highlighting the bravery of so many, and the needs of many more (and allowing them to raise money by donation in the lobby of the show) somehow made it even easier to laugh at the ridiculous celebrity stories she told. That said, Congratulations Kathy Griffin on your two Emmy wins – call me, let’s have a drink and celebrate – my treat!

Photo – Violet learned to take the stairs only after being desperate to reach me after I walked up to my office.