What’s new with marjennings.com?

Exciting news! It’s been a while coming but it’s finally here! The marjennings.com website has a new and improved look and feel, making it easier for you to enjoy my casual luxury lifestyle tips.

To appreciate this milestone, one must remember that it was not long ago, in the spring of 2005, that I dreamed of creating a dynamic website that could be a creative outlet for my ideas and provide both inspiring and attainable home, garden and lifestyle projects. In a few months, we hit record numbers as you embraced it from the moment it was launched. Some of you found me by chance. Some of you found me through television appearances or other media outlets. No matter how you found me, you came back time and time again.

The marjennings.com website now reaches millions around the world and I’m grateful that you’ve made it a point to tell me that you’ve been inspired not only by my home, garden and “Life on Mars”, but also by the fun and easy recipes and projects. It’s because of subscribers and new visitors everyday that I am proud to welcome you to the new and improved site. We now have a wonderful search engine to help you navigate the site and “the Mar blog”, as well as other new features.

I hope you enjoy this new and improved site. marjennings.com IS the place to go to learn, to have fun and pass it on.