TWO, two Violet

With the holiday season in full swing and Christmas next weekend, I find myself relishing this time of year with great holiday cheer. Perhaps the secret is that Violet celebrated her second birthday on December 12th! Amazingly, as we celebrated the festive occasion in New York we received word that she also became an auntie, as her sister gave birth to three glorious puppies.

I took Violet in my arms to break the news.As she looked into my eyes I flashed sideways to a parallel universe where I had bred Violet and she, too, had puppies.What would it be like to have my devoted darling pet times three, four, or even six? My imagination painted a perfect version: a perfectly-behaved little troupe that was all just like their Mommy. Could I ever give them up? Probably not, and if I did I would need to know where they were so we could visit and have doggie play dates.Truth be told, knowing my little girl as I do I feel she would have made a wonderful mother as she tends to her dolls and toys with such tender loving care.

Reality eventually set in – flash! – We’re back! As I went to kiss her little head I felt a tear running down my cheek. I was sad but I could not help but wonder what it would have been like. Of course, spaying her was the responsible and the right thing to do. I console myself by remembering the following: with only her in the house I already refer to her as a “barkenhiemer”, so I could only imagine what a bark fest it would be with a pack of Violets!

For now, it’s just us, but just maybe in the future, we will be blessed with another bundle of joy – perhaps even someone related to the already-established Von Schnorkenheimer clan.And when, and if we do, you can be sure I won’t be looking through rose color glasses that time; of course, they’ll be Violet.