Facing the Holidays

Monday night I had the pleasure to be invited to The National Arts Club. Founded in 1898 by Charles de Kay and located in the historic Tilden Mansion on the west side of Gramercy Park, this National Historic Landmark that hosts some of the most exciting and exclusive events in the city. Early members include Robert Henri and Theodore Roosevelt.

That said, this year’s “Mistletoe Madness” holiday celebration was the perfect way to spend a Monday night in December. With the Club completely decorated for the holidays, in addition to the rooms bursting with art, rich woods, carpets and carved ceilings, I felt transported to a different time and place. Joan Rivers famously jokes about seeing “new faces–on old bodies”, but it wasn’t the case here. I saw old faces on old bodies, which is so rare these days; it gives people character. I met some amazing actors and actresses. (Yes, I still call them “actresses” because I feel if you’re pretty you should be called an actress, and not an actor; I’m just old-fashioned that way.)

I was the guest of Chris Poe and David Zyla. David is an Emmy Award winner who has been on the frontier of style on the runway, television, and Broadway. Besides being the head costume designer of ABC’s All My Children (for which he won the Emmy this year), David also became an author this year releasing his first book; The Color of Style, by David Zyla. He also happens to be a good friend who shares my love and passion for all things beautiful. A well dressed, distinguishing guy who gives me a run for my own style, who not only knows how to dress others but how to make it work for himself.

Our photo together is a study in sartorial seasonality – with the exception of my tie. Both sporting velvet jackets, David sporting an ascot and me with the wavy, apparently uncontrollable, misbehaving tie. What the heck – I’ll just have to face up to the fact that I needed a personal stylist to fix my bunched up tie. Where was David when I needed him? Oh yeah, he’s the good-looking guy next to me who, as always, is perfectly perfect.