The Mar Cape Project!

As an advocate of style and a lover of clothing I take pride in my look and love to dress properly. I’m always looking for wonderful ways to upgrade my wardrobe. With the recent renovation (and expansion!) of my closet space into a true wardrobe I’m feeling completely immersed and at one with my new closets.

Let me explain. As we run the cameras for my show documenting the transformation of the master suite here at Rosebrook Gardens I needed to explain how I took the renovation opportunity to recreate the space as inspired by a boutique department store. A place where everything has a purpose and is designed with total visibility of the clothing itself. (Okay, so undergarments, ties and the small collection of socks are still stowed out of sight, but with elegant access.)

Having a well curated clothing collection and as an advocate of men’s sport coats I wanted to have it all displayed proudly, organized by color. Need a sneak peak? Here you go; but the big transformation and reveal will take place in season 4 premiering in September 2021.

Can a person be an old soul in regard to loving a traditional gentleman’s attire? If so, that’s me. I have longed for a proper men’s cape. For years now I have regretted turning down the opportunity to get my hands on one that was offered by Brooks Brothers. I could simply kick myself! Flash forward seven years and I’m still longing for one.

But there’s a happy ending in the works. Stephen Kempston is a tailor in downtown Westport (more on him in a moment) who just also happens to support my love for a cape. So much so, he looked into making it for me and offered. Of course, without missing a beat I said, “Oh, yes please!”

And there you have it, expert bespoke clothier Stephen Kempson (who has outfitted leaders in business, entertainment and media personalities) is making me a cape overcoat. Stephen (who is one of the nicest guys I know) is recognized among the country’s finest personal tailors so I’m honored and delighted to benefit from his talents and to have local artisans taking on the “Mar Cape Project.” So, wait with me as the custom design and detailing come together to make a cape to enjoy for decades to come.

I love all things beautiful: beautiful people, beautiful home & gardens, and beautiful things. And in case you are wondering: I will proudly display this not just in my new closet but as I wear it for all to see.