No. 2

Have you ever had a number that continues to pop up in your life? It follows you through the decades and underscores poignant times as if asking you to reflect and recall. For me that number is 2, and it is always becoming a link to people, places and sometimes things that have a significant connection to my world.

In fact, the numbers 2, 22 or 222 are often around me however when I’m really in need of reassurance a 2 is somehow proudly visible to me. Extremely rare, but when the need comes for a validation and or sign from the heavens 2222 is seen: on a license plate, in a phone number or a customer service order number.

To me this is the universe speaking, so of course I listen. It could be a sad or an extremely happy moment in my life but regardless it underscores my need to know I’m not alone. Whenever this happens I acknowledge it out loud and feel safe and loved. Someone from beyond is watching over me.  I understand there is a greater purpose and I’m not alone.  I’m loved, protected and surrounded by a feeling of kindness.

Tomorrow, April 2, 2020, is the 16th anniversary of the passing of Edward R. Smith. He passed on April 2, 2005, with me, at 11:22pm.  Edward was my comrade, mentor, devoted friend, and confidant, whose dedication, patience and guidance helped push me to discover what my true purpose would be in life. A foundation was build because of him and a skyscraper has emerged from his solid foundation. He was a gift to me, and all who had the pleasure of knowing him. I will forever hold his torch aloft to help me illuminate the work I do, the love I have and the blessed extended family of friends that I share Rosebrook Gardens with, recalling his memories and gifts he bestowed onto me.

Just like any notable moment in life, a symbolic number can forever link us to the past thus allowing us to cherish the memory when it happens—almost as a divine intervention. I will cry tomorrow on this yearly, memorable day and the sadness may run over me yet I know I will be reborn with a proud gratitude that I experienced unconditional, selfless love. I’ve been touched by an angel, and given something I will forever cherish. Edward may have left life on Mar’s 16 years ago, but in a parallel beautiful universe he is still by my side. Honored, blessed and humbled by the love that surrounds me, and which is never 2 much.

Personal note: I finished this blog at 12:22am—a coincidence?