Royal Weeding

While the world focuses its attention on Friday’s “Royal Wedding” of Kate Middleton and Prince William, I have set my eyes these past few weeks on my royal weeding. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be up and glued to the TV watching every last detail, but you might be surprised by how my royal weeding and the royal wedding have many parallels! For starters, just as England has been preparing for months for this, as the garden tour approaches on May 29th I have been dedicating every free moment to weeding, pruning and upgrading many design elements on the home.

So how do these two worlds come together at Rosebrook Gardens? To start, at the royal wedding, I’m sure many guests will be wearing gloves, as do I when I play in the dirt. Hats are a popular staple for the Royals and I, no doubt, will be wearing one in the garden, too. This royal wedding is in the morning, and that happens to be a favorite time for weeding – as the garden is still cool. Every good royal wedding has a grand procession; I like one, too, so I line up my tools in advance before I head out so they are ready to go. I may not have the royal guard in their tall hats, but I do believe in protection. Sun protection and insect repellant make even a short time in the garden more comfortable and safer, too. And lastly, what about wedding attire? It wouldn’t do to show up wearing just anything, and the same is true when you are doing garden chores. Just because you are weeding doesn’t mean you have to look like a pauper – just set aside some garden-ready clothes that you use over and over, or at least a good apron. Now that’s the way to dress up for the event!

Whether you are getting married or “MAR-ried”, the emphasis is all about love, uniting families and making a commitment. When it comes to my garden I can definitely attest that I love my garden and have joined forces years ago with Mother Nature, thus uniting us forever. Each year I make a commitment to love, honor and cherish her. And each time I do a garden tour, well that’s simply my own way to celebrate my devotion to earth, her beauty, and the bountifulness she provides me year after year. I do this, witnessed by others, standing proud that she took my hand and gave me the gift of connecting with my passion for all to learn from and experience for years to come.

Rosebrook Gardens is my lady, and I’ll proudly MAR-ry her with my soul, and although working the endless hours keeping her at her best may sometimes be a “royal pain in the a**'” I do it willingly, proudly and lovingly.

So congratulations Kate & Prince William, I’ll plant something new this year in your honor, and I’ll make sure I put it near – where else – my English Roses.