Hands That Can

No matter how many people come to visit Rosebrook Garden, everyone is always amazed that I master the sometimes daunting task of not only cultivating my garden but maintaining her as well. Sure, I treat myself to professional experts for my lawn and trees, and I even have team helpers for those Fall and Spring clean-ups.

But when it comes to tending to my garden I have one simple rule: If I can carry it, I can plant it, and therefore I take care of it. These days my back is not what it used to be, so I do keep things lighter, but boy, do I remember the good old days when a 70-lb root ball would be no match for me.

These last few weeks Rosebrook Gardens has been super active with painters, carpenters and masonry workers. All busy actively repairing, updating and adding new architectural details. The combination of what Old Man Winter destroyed and an upcoming garden tour at the end of May certainly moved me into action.

My hands are those of a gardener, as they are often-times grimed full of the soil that makes up Rosebrook Gardens. Fragments of Mother Earth, and I love it! I do sometimes forgo gloves, then dig, pull and plant with my bare hands. This freedom often comes with a price – scratches, blisters, and stains! However, there is nothing more rewarding and organic than to allow myself to become one with nature, feeling her texture, moisture and every bit of her beauty between my fingers and even under my nails. There is no doubt that my hands reflect the many proud hours spent in the garden.

So I’ll always put my best foot forward, but should you ever catch me in the garden I will always welcome an extra pair of hands. There’s nothing better than hands-on experience. Gloves not included!