Nesting with Nest

Great news! I’m “nesting”! What do I mean? I’m all about “safety first”, then great design. When I can find one product that offers both, I’m thrilled and delighted to share it all with you. As your local fire department (and the Red Cross) will tell you, you should check your smoke alarm batteries twice a year–when you change the clocks in your house. When I did that a few weeks back I took a long look at my smoke detectors and thought “Hmm, I wonder if the design could be a bit more compelling.” So I researched, and voilà–I discovered Nest. It is beautiful, but it’s also a workhorse with industrial-grade quality.

I ordered the Nest Protect carbon monoxide/smoke detectors and was eagerly anticipating receiving them. However, the items shipped so quickly, I didn’t have to wait long.

The beautiful packaging reminded me of the well-thought-out designs from Apple, and I discovered that one of the original designers, Tony Fadell, was indeed an Apple “graduate.” If you love unboxing a beautifully designed product, you will go crazy for Nest. Once the opening was complete, I was surprised at how few items were in the box. Simple, not complicated! My favorite.

Everything I needed to install my Nest Protect was right in front of me – including the batteries! With a couple of screws driven into the strategically correct locations on my ceiling, my Nests were up and running.

I was able to link these clever Nest products through my home Wi-Fi. Best of all, I can control the features from the comfort of my smartphone (what a hoot!), and receive alerts too, if I am not home to hear an alarm. In keeping with the ‘simple, not complicated’ theme, three Nest Protects only took me a total of 15 minutes to install and configure. One of the easiest home improvement projects I’ve done in a while!

Now, I am happy to say my nest, Rosebrook Gardens, has never felt safer. This season why not consider giving the gift of safety and confidence for those people you love. Don’t forget to check batteries in your carbon monoxide/smoke detectors–and remind your loved ones to do so as well. You and yours are worth protecting with the best – Nest!

Thank you, Nest, for peace of mind, great style and taking the smoke detector/carbon monoxide unit to a whole new level. Now, excuse me while I wander through my house to look for other places great design could be integrated…