Rosebrook Gardens B&B

My home at Rosebrook Gardens is always a busy place with something new scheduled every day. From photo shoots to magazine features, to video production, we do it all here. This past week, we have been delighted to add a new function to my beloved homestead: bed and breakfast service!

As all my loyal MARtians know, the O’Kanes are the family that owns the home I am renovating on my show, “Life on Mars: The Home Makeover Show“ (tune in this Sunday at 2p.m. on WTNH Channel 8!) Well, all the work that needed to be done on the hardwood floors in the hallways and stairs was put off as long as possible – and now that it’s begun it has ousted the family from their sleeping quarters.

Since Neil O’Kane is away for the week, I invited Yvonne, the kids, and Ivy the Miniature Schnauzer to stay with me. Despite my main floor cloakroom renovation – meaning one bathroom was out of commission – the house served us all very well.

My guests checked in on Monday and my home has had an entirely new energy this week. For example, just the other evening Yvonne was cooking dinner in the kitchen, Teddy was working on homework in my office upstairs and Caroline was studying at the dining room table. What a warm and cozy feeling! In fact, it prompted me to light a fire and relax rather than sitting in the TV room and surfing my DVR.

Somehow, everything just fell into place and the O’Kanes could not have been more gracious. Their puppy Ivy was simply thrilled to bits. She was so excited that it made sleeping very difficult for her – and ergo Yvonne, who was sharing her room with the pup. Violet, being much more demure, could not be bothered with this busy baby–no matter how adorable–and escaped to hang with us, the adults, at every opportunity. Which ended up being a silver lining, as I love it when Violet nestles in my lap and keeps me company.

It feels so good knowing that everyone felt so comfortable in my home. Having teenagers and good friends in the house made Rosebrook Gardens that much more special. I hope now that the holiday season is in full swing that you MARtians are also finding hosting family and guests just as rewarding.