Herb & Beyond

Nothing extends the season better than enjoying fresh herbs from a homegrown herb garden. So here are a few pointers to extend the life of your herbs, whether you plant them indoors or out.

  • Jumpstart healthy herbs: avoid the frustrating early growing stages by buying healthy mature herbs that are already potted. Your local nursery — and maybe even grocery store — have lots to offer.
  • Invest in a collection of terracotta containers. Not only are they decorative, but terracotta pots maintain a cooler core temperature than plastic. That helps keep the soil from drying out quickly, so you avoid wilting and maximize growing days.
  • When storing the herbs you’ve trimmed, wrap them in a damp paper towel, then place into a Ziplock bag with a few air holes punched into it.  This will help your harvest last and stay fresher much longer. 
  • Store unused herbs in the freezer: place them into an ice cube tray, cover with water, and freeze. Later you can easily toss these flavored cubes into soups and sauces, no thawing required. 

These simple & sMARt ideas are fresh enough for anyone to do.