It’s that time of year again; when the nights become cooler and the hazy, hot and humid days are a thing of the past. The fresh, crisp air kicks me back into action and reminds me how much I love this half of the summer. Truth be told, with so many activities and bookings this season I can’t believe it’s Labor Day weekend already. Where has the time gone?

But before I can have some fun this weekend, I needed to finalize my 30 second TV commercial that is scheduled to start airing in conjunction with the release of my new book this October. Chris Panton was the videographer extraordinaire for this assignment, and his wisdom and dedication not just to this project, but to everything he touches, can never go without notice or appreciation. Paul Mitchell served as Executive Producer, while global make-up artist to the stars Rick DiCecca was also on hand to work his ARTISTRY‰ and magic. “I need more spackle!” was my on-going joke. My sumMAR intern Christina Caparoula helped research and write the script and was on hand to prompt me my lines and keep Violet in check.

I’m so excited! We are stepping up our promotions this year, not only with local and regional commercials, but also with Metro-North train billboards as part of the magic of our advertising mix in December. As my dedicated MARtians, I’m asking should you see one, take a photo and Tweet, Facebook or Instagram me. Those lucky to do so will be eligible for a special gift.

I’ve always believed in, and live, by the saying “There is no I in team” as each person brings their own skill-set to the group, and it is important to embrace those talents and leave any egos at home. Don’t you agree? Truth be told, if not for the support of my past and present team members I would have never come so far.

Teamwork is always the best way to get anything done. Happy Labor Day my MARtians!