Great Balls of Fire

It’s already Christmas at Rosebrook Gardens because I am in the throes of filming four, possibly five “Holiday Wishes” shows for Northeast Living. Christmas comes early to Rosebrook Gardens these days, and even though the filming schedule is rigorous, it allows me to share with you the wonderful and magical casual luxury ideas I have come up with for this years’ holiday season.

My theme this year: “Global Christmas”–but not just “global” as in Mother Earth, but “global” as the design shape inspiration, too.

A fire roared in the fireplace while we filmed this week; several mercury glass bowls filled with gold and silver balls reflected the dancing light all over the room. Mercury glass was invented at the turn of the last century and was often referred to as a “poor man’s silver” due to its’ less expensive cost and the fact that it doesn’t require polishing. It is quite popular these days and easily found at home stores and off-price stores. I like to use three footed vessels of varying heights and styles for added drama. Gold and silver balls of various sizes and styles add a touch of glamour and whimsy. Those are also easily found at family stores, drug stores. and off-price stores as well.

The crew had their fun making innuendoes about my holiday ball décor. You can only imagine the chuckles we had, but they all agreed that only I could find new meaning to a traditional circular ornament. Thus, my theme this year was validated as a global reflection emanating light, creativity, and joy.

Ornaments, fire, and light create delight. This year, all you need to know is that mercury glass delivers a show-stopping glow. And if you want to call is MARcury glass, that’s okay too.