Cue Twilight

Holiday décor: done! Christmas tree: done! Shooting the exteriors of Rosebrook Gardens for the Holiday Wishes edition of Northeast Living: done, done and done!

As my home once again became the backdrop of the holiday special, I leaped into action creating a festive environment full of great ideas for your home and garden. All year I prepare and create so that I can narrow down the ideas into segments to give you the best of the best. When it finally comes together I’m delighted with the end results. Last year I learned that sometimes you have to miss the light to see the light–timing the perfect shot while relying only on natural light can be tough! So this year I wanted to make sure that extra outdoor lighting was added to capture the true essence of Rosebrook Gardens. After all, the beauty is in the details, isn’t it? So, a few days ago anticipating this years’ shoot, I installed three floodlights to illuminate and highlight all the elements of the house I proudly call home.

Preparing to shoot all the exteriors from across the street, we awaited the arrival of dusk and that magic moment when the sky is still blue, when the sun begins to set, and iridescent pink and orange filters through the sky – shimmering on anything in its path. The cameras were rolling as we waited to witness the magic shot of the season.

Violet was there in all her glory, sporting her offensively oversized rhinestone necklace. My work was done, twilight had passed, Violet was hungry! Cue Daddy, it’s a wrap!