Everything is Coming up Roses

Hello, my MARtians!

No English garden would be complete without roses. The grounds of Rosebrook Gardens are filled with them.

Roses can be the most dramatic and spectacular plants in your garden. That said, putting time and energy into your roses will always provide a huge return to your garden design.

Truth be told, when the David Austin handbook of Roses 2018 catalog (their 19th year!) arrived at home I was excited to make plans for my yearly ‘green thumb’ chores. This year I am gearing up for a 2019 garden tour (yes 2019!) so I devoured the pages in search of the perfect roses for the new picket fence I installed last summer.

All of my roses are David Austin roses–they are so reliable and I’ve never had a worry. So many to choose from but I prefer two basic “musts” criteria:

  • repeat-flowering
  • extremely Fragrant

Which did I select? You’ll have to wait to find out…Make sure you don’t miss the garden tour! Sign up here to become a MARtian (if you’re not already) and you’ll guarantee your own VIP invite.

Catalog and on-line inventories diminish the longer we wait. Yet another reason that I say that gardening is a year-round job! Of course, it’s nice to take a moment and indulge in the garden’s roses to come. As my home’s name gives away, I’m no stranger to roses in the garden. The lead photo shows the prolific Pilgrim Rose that has graced my property for two decades. This rose was perfectly captured by acclaimed photographer Stacy Bass a few years ago for the outdoor rooms section of my second book, LIFE ON MAR’S: Creating Casual Luxury. She is so talented!

It’s February and I don’t have any roses blooming. So instead I’m offering up a Rosebrook Garden mini-tour of roses through my archived photos. These glorious roses that grace my views have been cultivated for over two decades. I like to say that I look through rose-colored glasses every summer at my rose-filled garden!

Enjoy the tour here–and don’t forget to order your own roses now!