Color Splash

The weather outside may be frightful, but these fresh flowers are simply delightful.

One of the best ways to counter-attack the winter blahs is to introduce vibrant colors, textures, and fragrances into our home. You can do it in a variety of ways, but nothing is more eye-catching and inviting than fresh flowers. Truth be told, with this week’s massive snowfall and record-breaking low temperatures I was left with a chill in the air that I just could not shake.

Until my grocery run, that is. You see, prior to this week’s snowstorm, I popped into my local supermarket to pick up some fresh flowers and firewood. Yes, I beat the rush for bread, eggs and milk (something that I can’t ever figure out: why all the shelves are always empty before a snowfall. Is everyone having French toast the next morning?)

As a designer and gardener, I’m no stranger to having fresh flowers in the home. However, I discovered that doing this just before a winter storm is a great way to beat Old Man Winter. He may fill the land with snow and cold temperatures but inside my home? Now that’s my controllable domain.

No matter the size of the arrangement, flowers help jump-start the Spring season – from a simple bud vase with a single tulip to more of a statement collection (like the one on my coffee table, seen in this photo).  All serve as the perfect color splash and reminder that soon winter will be receding and knowing that warms my heart.

Enjoy the power of flowers to elevate your winter mood, too. The next few weeks will continue to be cold, but all of us at Team Mar are certainly more productive when reminders of warmer temperatures are in view. (Even if some team members continue their requests to relocate to a tropical destination as a winter assignment!)