Invited Back

The freezing cold blast continues to hit the northeast, so I pile on my layers to help ward off the frigid, chilly air. In spite of this continuing string of cold days and nights, I know that this, too, shall pass; and with only forty-seven more days until Spring I can’t wait for the rebirth in the garden.

It warmed my heart when I received a letter this week from Edward Gerber, President of the Westport Historical Society, announcing that my garden, Rosebrook Gardens, has been selected for this year’s 23rd Annual Hidden Garden Tour! This year it is scheduled for June 8th, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. I’m honored and delighted to be one of the five gardens selected to be part of this prestigious tour, an important fundraiser for the WHS.

Back in 2004, Rosebrook Gardens was first opened to the community when it was part of the WHS’s 13th annual tour. No pressure to be even better ten years later, right? But then again, you know me. You may remember for the recent Christmas tour I brought in horses and carolers and partnered with Terrain of Westport. This garden tour I’ll need to up the ante, so I had better start brainstorming how to offer a “wow” factor. This year’s tour will no doubt be an exciting one, as Rosebrook Gardens will pay homage to that very first garden tour, but also do something unique that will leave visitors inspired, surprised and delighted. Stay tuned!

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So for now, stay bundled up, my MARtians, and let’s countdown to Spring together.