MARch MARness

Happy Friday Everyone!

This week’s blog is truly about getting “up close and personal.” This time, I am focusing on garden design details using my home, Rosebrook Gardens. My gardens are ready to springboard into the season. As they begin to unfold and transform, I will be sharing it all with – with “rebirth” as our gardening mantra.

I believe that the smallest details can have the biggest effect in the garden and at home. Truth be told, my home is the center of my Casual Luxury brand.As a steward of design and inspiration, my social media posts this month will feature the many, many details that make gardening so wonderful and inspiring for me–and I hope for you, too.

In each post, I will share personal photos that tell a story about some of the smallest details.With the help of my new Canon 60mm Macro lens, Rosebrook Gardens will be brought to you through the eyes of Mar’s, and what better month for this feature than the month of MARch?

Why wait for spring when you have MARch? Glorious MARch, with daffodils and crocuses already emerging, spring is approaching fast.Despite winter taking its toll on flora, fauna, and family (Hope you’re feeling better soon, Paul, Lauren and my other under-the-weather friends) Mother Nature is on the fast track this year. Therefore, I thought I needed to jump-start the season by capturing these wondrous and wonderful details. I hope they will be a much-needed “booster shot in the arm” of natural beauty. Better than vitamin C, I say!

So, be alert for inspiration this month. Please enjoy watching the photos of my personal garden unfold through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook each MARning as MARch MARness continues.There is no better way to signify the essence of this blog post than to use a detail photo of my recently installed gas lantern by Bevolo, the official lantern of Rosebrook Gardens. As the eternal flame burns, it offers a reminder that anything is possible in life – but it all starts with the desire and a fire within us.

Keep it casual, everyone!