Staging to sell

This week was filled with spring fever as I opened up my Garden Studio and began the design transformation from the winter interest look to a new sensational spring style.

Green Isle, my home makeover house, is also on the same MARch MARness program as we complete homeowner Yvonne’s new Studio space for the Makeover Show. What was once a playroom has been transformed into something magical. Remember that found staircase from the kitchen episode? Well, this upcoming episode shows how we embraced the history and made it a functional and resourceful new space.Stay tuned: this episode will air on April 23 at 2 p.m. on ABC.I can’t wait for you to see it.

My filming and production schedule has been crazy this week, but regardless, I was bitten by the home staging bug. A great new listing opportunity brought me back to my old days of renting simple cottages and changing them into beautiful, functional spaces.

Cotton Cottage is my newest listing and with the help of my professional real estate team member and licensed home stager, Elayne Cassara-Uva, we have completely transformed an empty residence into a true home filled with light, love, and warmth, providing inspiration for anyone who visits.Take a look at the listing!This shot is of the front porch; doesn’t it make you want to come on in?

The seller/client is so thrilled, and I’m over the moon with delight at sharpening my skills as a designer. Truth be told, this would make for a great reality show: “Staging to Sell”! Would you watch, MARtians – with host and Realtor¨ Mar Jennings, of course?

Well, now it is time to get back outside and plant some forced bulbs and get my hands good and dirty. Tomorrow being Saturday, I’ll treat myself to a MARnicure.

Get out in the garden and enjoy this Spring weather preview, and, as always –

Keep it casual!