Jack, Jolly & Jingle are back!

Others may have their elf on a shelf, but I have elves on a spree!

And so it’s time to feature their naughtiness and their sometimes rude behavior by sharing it with others on my social media channels.

How did this all begin?

Three years ago I had the idea to take them with me to the city when I attended a holiday party, and they became the hit of the evening. Everyone wanted to have their picture taken with them. Of course I was the creative director for each photo and pose, and the photos were wildly popular when they were posted. Thus, the idea came to life: I needed to make this an annual tradition–starting then. Upon the elves’ return to Connecticut I began posting their daily activities. Everything from tormenting Violet to recreating the classic psycho shower scene (with me as their unwilling victim.)

This week I began the posts once again and each day I push myself to create something even more fun and unexpected. Truth be told, their naughtiness is channeled by me as they take on the positions I create.

So the next time you see a post of Jack, Jolly & Jingle remember this: They are innocent! All in good fun, and just a festive way to help celebrate the holidays.

Have a creative idea you would like to see come to life? Tell me on any of my social media channels and I’ll do my best to create the pose.

Until next week: Happy Elfmas!