Drawing Up Something New

Growing up I was referred to as different. Why? I was a figure skater, I loved to draw and I was creative. It took many, many years for me to realize that my journey in life was to embrace these gifts and build from these talents.

That said, when I meet someone that also displays creative abilities I gravitate to them, drawn like a magnet.  Susan Albright’s playful drawings were both eye candy and emotionally a connection to me. The whimsical sketches spoke to my soul and I immediately needed to know this person to learn more.

What sealed the deal? Well, her drawing of my home Rosebrook Gardens–complete with Violet by the front gate–took my breath away. Adorable, right? And no doubt I’ll be making postcards, pins and notecards from this. I simply love the colors, the soft lines, and the artistic freedom she captures in her rendering. That’s a gift!

Truth be told, after a quick phone conversation I was hooked by her southern charm and quickly needed to somehow partner and work with her.  As an artist myself (so I’m told), I have been creating my real estate house drawings since I first began in the business. Starting in 2018 I’ll put down the pen and paper and pass the baton to Susan to pick up where I leave off. You see, everyone has loved the creative way I have brought many homes to life. When I sell a house, new owners make mugs and artwork using my illustration. As we continue to grow, the time has come to expand, and move from black & white illustrations to color. And who better to elevate the bar than Susan Albright?

Therefore, I’m thrilled to announce her exclusive partnership with marjennings.com and Mar Jennings Lifestyle Homes at Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

Here are some other illustrations inspired by Rosebrook Gardens that show her terrific style:


So my MARtians, as I welcome Susan to my team of professionals and experts, I’m happy to share! You, too, can hire Susan do do your home. Find all her information here.

Susan Albright is more than “alright” in my book!  She’s MARvelous!