Being aMARican

It’s July 1st and so for all my Canadian followers: Happy Canada Day, and happy 144th birthday, Canada!

For we Americans, July 4th should mean more than just the casual picnics and the red, white and blue colors that we often see. We celebrate our independence as a nation, and there is a lot to be happy about, no doubt. Today, many people take for granted the fact that the life they lead is a direct result of the sacrifice and hardship of others – in the past and even in the present. That said, this 4th of July should be a day when we embrace not only the Independent spirit, but a true understanding of what it really means to be free.

I encourage you to make this 4th of July not solely about parties, food, and cocktails. If those around you need a gentle reminder, why not take a moment to remember why we can enjoy those things at all. I know I’ll be proposing a toast – for those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom, and those who continue to sacrifice their time and efforts today for the same valiant goals.

How to keep the spirit going from year to year? Consider this idea: coordinate with your neighbors to agree to each own a flag that you hang and display. Flags also make the perfect host or hostess gift this weekend, as nothing can be more American than owning and hanging your own flag. You can be sure that when I do, I proudly refer to myself as not only an American but an aMARican, too.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!