Great Cape Escape

I love vacations, especially mini-vacations that take me away for a nice long weekend. That said, yesterday I escorted my dear friend Lori to Massachusetts as she took her daughter to Cape Cod Sea Camps in Brewster, MA.

Why am I along for the ride? Lucky for me, her husband was busy and unable to join her, therefore an invite was extended and I became his understudy (of a sort.) She and I decided – because we were going to be in Massachusetts already after dropping off said daughter – that we would pop over to the next town to stay at the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club, in Chatham, MA. What a place! Established in 1925, the Wequassett hosts visitors from the world over, offering world-class accommodations and superior dining. And the views and food? Incredible.

Truth be told, I always tell my MARried lady friends I like any excuse to hang out! “Whatever your husband won’t do with you – I will!” Well, obviously not “anything,” but if you need a traveling, shopping, theater going or dining companion I’m your man, as I’ll be the perfect gentleman. Lori and her husband have been such good friends of mine for so long; he has no fear of my being on this trip even though it involves an overnight stay. I do nothing more than coordinate her outfit the next morning. Heck ladies, that’s something that a husband or boyfriend won’t do.

So, although Lori’s husband is number one in her books, while he is slaving away working over the weekend, I will be the one basking in the sun, shopping and enjoying some amazing seafood dinners with his MARvelous wife.

Seems this week’s message is clear: You might not always be the winner of the pageant, but being runner-up ain’t so bad. I will always be Violet’s number one, so it’s more than okay to be a second choice here. Life is good, and even better when your great escape is at the Cape. I’ll drink to that!