A Bittersweet Anniversary

My MARtians–

Loss can be a strange thing: it can make you weep and weak, and also fill you up with wonderful memories that make you thankful and feel blessed.

This week has been full of all of it. Wednesday was the first anniversary of my sweet Violet’s passing. Diagnosed the month before with hemangiosarcoma–an aggressive and incurable tumor of cells that line blood vessels–we had only a short time left with her.

Every animal that we love is special, and they become our fur babies. Violet sure was loved, and by so many of you, too.

An anniversary is always good for reflection, so I wanted to share some pictures and memories with you that show the beginning and end of her time here.

And also some anniversary words to her. I post them because her memory puts joy in my heart. May it inspire you to spoil your fur babies a little extra today.


Dear Violet,

How a year flies by.

Your first day home, your first collar, your first birthday, your first trip, so many firsts to count. And now your first year gone.

In your almost 11 years you gave us a lifetime of love. And it worked: it lodged itself in our hearts forever. Where, like the seed of a rare flower in a protective nursery, it blooms over and over again.

I know that missing you is selfish, the opposite of your nature. You are loved by so many, your life was full of beautiful connections. From the first time we held you to our first moments of goodbye, feeling you next to us was a gift.

Your memory lights us up from the inside out, burning away the grief and replacing it with gratefulness.

We will see you at the foot of the rainbow bridge. And love you every day in between.