Moonlight Tour

As the sun sets on Rosebrook Gardens a new type of beauteous splendor emerges from the dusk. Soft decorative accent lighting responds to the evening sky as twilight is born. Rosebrook Gardens has shifted into night, harmoniously drawing attention to specimen trees, arbors, pergola, gates, garden structures and trellises. The beauty of the night takes over and lighting provides the blueprint of your evening tour. 
Discover the joy of wandering in the garden, as it becomes perfectly orchestrated as paths are defined and architectural design details are illuminated, creating new moments to admire and enjoy. 
Years ago, I strategically designed my outdoor spaces/rooms with lighting in mind. Sconces are complemented by decorative accent lighting and underscored by the gas lantern that greets all who enter Rosebrook Gardens. The transition from day to night compliments the illumination of beauty and serenity. It evokes in you feelings of love and admiration for the glorious surroundings.  
Truth be told, every night I’m reminded of that journey: curating the perfect environment for all to love and enjoy. Rosebrook Gardens is my home always and for sure, but it is my gift to share MARning, noon & (of course) night. That said, enjoy your moonlight tour of my home and gardens through the “Eyes of Mar’s” and know that I’m always with you along the way.