Wusthof Knives Keep Me Sharp!

Recently I needed to get my knives sharpened. I went to Wusthof in Norwalk because they had a sharpening service, and decided to explore some “new for me” options while I was waiting.

Thanks to an easy upgrade, I’m going to be cooking like the pros this year—with my top-of-the-line of knives from this German, family-owned brand, and needless to say, they are keeping me sharp.

I’m a big advocate of family-owned and -operated businesses, and when a company is right in Connecticut, well even better. This seven-generation world famous brand has their outlet store right in Norwalk!

I think they have great value, but with the holiday approaching, we’re all programmed now to think about shopping the sales. Truth be told, they only offer four sales a year: MARch, June, September and of course December! Perfect for anyone on your holiday gift list or, like me, the ideal “to me, for me, love me” gift.

Psst: It’s time for their annual holiday sale coming up next Thursday, Friday and Saturday – December 7th, 8th and 9th 10 am until 5 pm.

And I’ll be back to save an additional 20 percent on their already discounted knives and cooking accessories! (I need a new cutting board, too.) OMG! Perfect for that special gift that keeps on giving.

And here’s a stocking stuffer idea: I saw at this store that they can get access to discontinued or hard-to-find pieces. If you’re like me, you know someone who’s misplaced a piece or two, so how about surprising them with a replacement? Worth the call to find out, right?

PS: I’ll be taking their knife skills class soon—hey, if I’m open to visiting the Genius Bar at the Apple store then why not learn some kitchen tricks, too?