Where does Mar Jennings shop?

To understand where I shop one has to understand how I shop. Over the years I’ve created the three principals that forever guide me to the best practices and places.
1. Think the unthinkable.

This Marian Round stone finial was discovered at an English Garden shop and was not only a wonderful find but also a real deal because it was not part of a matched set. I knew I wanted to give protection and new meaning to this distressed finial, once featured proudly outdoors on an estate in Rhode Island. What Mother Nature pounded for decades, turning it a heavily distressed, mossy green with fabulous black undertones, now has a new purpose.

Today one can find this finial proudly displayed as a focal point inside my home. One should always consider garden elements such as this for indoor use, creating history and texture in the home. It always makes a great conversation piece.

Always consider reusing something old in new ways that can offer a modern creative solution. A finial can be decorative whether you use it inside or out–once you discover you have choices you’ll apply your new found skills to everything in your home. An armoire becomes a china cabinet and an old cookie jar becomes a prettier place to house your dryer sheets.

2. Price does not matter.

Expensive is not necessary always better. If you can find quality merchandise it does not matter where you go. Garage sales, consignments shop or off-price stores such as Home Goods or Marshalls are excellent resources for home décor items. For example, a collection of glassware that I recently found at Marshalls, can be used in a multitude of decorative ways suit your own personal taste. I let my imagination make these pieces into objects that can add charm and beauty to my surroundings. The best part? I can change them out for each season. With such a verity of off-price stores across the country my designer secret is quickly becoming a fantastic new resource. Now you can’t go to MARshalls without thinking of MAR first.

3. Use what you buy.

If you have beautiful things you should use them. Now that dining in is the new dining out, why not enjoy the look or the experience of a designer show table? I love having my table set regardless if I’m dining anytime soon. This allows me to let my good china and stemware contribute to the dÌ©cor of my home. Your investments in cutlery, china, placemats, linen napkins and stemware are not worth the time or money if never used.

If you don’t need your dining table for regular use, I encourage you to set a “show table” to enjoy for yourself. Now you’re ready to host and serve at a moment’s notice. Remember to change out pieces, keeping it fresh and interesting each time. Be creative and discover the many options of mix and matching your pieces. Any questions about principals #3 refer to #1.

And there you have it.