The Audience

Okay, it’s true, my MARtians, I do love a good audience when I do my lectures and book signings, but tonight I will be part of the audience as Helen Mirren takes the Broadway stage as Queen Elizabeth II in the Audience.

With a script by Peter Morgan, and directed by Stephen Daldry, it’s now playing at the Schoenfeld Theatre in New York. I must say I’m so excited to see it as I’ve been waiting months to celebrate a very important person’s birthday. That said, knowing this person is Canadian and thanks to several hints on his part prior to the show’s premiere, I purchased the tickets in February. I was able to keep the secret and only revealed his birthday present today.

Truth be told, I feel as if it’s my birthday, too, as I get to enjoy what will surely be a Tony award-winning performance by Helen Mirren while sitting with my BFF, aka birthday boy. Second-row center orchestra seats, because I like to feel as if I’m part of the play. (Of course, right?) He is no doubt lucky, but it is me who is so blessed and lucky for two simple reasons: he is a saint and a mentor to me, and my best friend on this planet I call Mar’s. He rocks my universe with his support and dedication to me.

So New York is where I’ll be spending the weekend as this play is the beginning of many wonderful activities I have scheduled.

Now let’s “Carry on!”, as the Queen of England would say. Although today it’s his day, and I’m happy to be a loyal subject.