Start Spreading the News

Great news has landed on Mar’s, and what a way to start 2016 – on the cover of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens.

Despite being in the Casual Luxury business for some time, it never ceases to thrill when one of my labors of love receives an amazing accolade. January is the CC&G magazine’s kitchen edition. Since Green Isle’s kitchen is finished, it was picked as a feature in this important issue.

Green Isle has been transformed over the last year and a half, and the finale is still in the works. An important trend of which you should be aware – islands are out and eat-in-kitchens are back! Green Isle was the perfect property to highlight this fresh concept.The design is earthly inspired, with colors and textures that practically invite Mother Nature inside to sit and dine with the family. Getting inspiration from Mother Nature is one of my Casual Luxury design principles.The backsplash tiles illustrate another principle – repeating shapes and patterns. The repeating shapes and patterns really tie everything together.

Casual Luxury reaches new heights, locally. With the success of the show, seeing the kitchen on the cover, and in a two-page centerfold, is a true validation of all my efforts. In fact, one of the most recent episodes of “Life on Mar’s: The Home Makeover Show” illustrates just those steps taken to get the picture-perfect kitchen cover-ready.

Lucky for you, the entire episode is available online, so you can enjoy the process and learn all about how I applied my Casual Luxury principles to create this stunning kitchen.

I’d like to thank Ross, Veronica from Kitchens by Deane, my partner in crime Yvonne, and of course the entire the O’Kane family. I also have to thank Miss Ivy for being the perfect centerfold, and spokesmodel.

Catch the entire reveal, plus the bonus area not seen in the layout, by clicking right here.