Room Design Strategy

The best strategies are often the simplest. My design formula is very much the same: only 4 elements, needing no special tools or skills, just the desire to create something unique and personal. As this method is scalable for any room or size, when followed it will ensure anyone can achieve great success.

Function: Determine what the space is being used for and/or the traffic it will endure. This helps determine the budget and the needs.

Repurpose: Discover what works and what need to be replaced. Sometimes the best shopping resources come from other spaces in your home. (Great! More in the budget!)

Color theme: Many people mistakenly choose color first; rather, allow your resources and creativity to build your pallet. Know the colors that you love and focus on complementing shades of those colors. Build from the carpet scheme up for a cohesive design.

Personality: No space would be complete without a reflection of the home owner’s personality. These touches come by the way of collectibles, books, art as well as throw pillows and accessories. Be careful not to repeat exact patterns or themes. For example, if you love horses then a pillow with a silhouette of a horse and a ceramic horse statue are enough to infuse the space with a touch of that aspect of your personality. If repeated it becomes more of a collection.

These photos are from a recent project. They showcase the design details discussed in this article. Now, it’s time for you to explore your inner design skills. Show me what you have and who knows?  You just might get a call or visit from me.