Red Alert! UFO Sighting on MAR’S

Time to say goodbye–to my trusty sedan, that is. After years of “Hart to Hart” inspired dreams, I am finally going for it–the convertible life, that is. The newest MARtian mobile, or UFO to you and me, has been ordered. While I will deeply miss the trusty black sedan that has been getting me around the solar system for years, the time has come after many miles of good behavour. Something a bit more fun to match my personality and playfulness. Plus, I wanted an excuse to stop using my sedan as a truck–if I limit the trunk space, I’ll do less hauling, right? (Don’t worry–I’ll find a way to get plants home and to get my show & tell items to the TV studios!)

Truth be told, I’ve been excited by the idea of a convertible ever since I was a kid. I grew up watching that beautiful couple on “Hart to Hart”; I was always in love with Stefanie Powers and I wanted to be Robert Wagner. The Harts had it all. Glamour, intrigue, mystery, sex-appeal, adventures, thrills and of course those two gorgeous convertibles – a red Ferrari Dino for him and a yellow Mercedes roadster for her. To me, those cars symbolized success and a job well done. I even called my dog Freeway, after theirs on the show. (Talk about being a committed fan!)

Since I needed to new get a vehicle this month and, knowing Life on Mar’s needed a new spaceship, I went out looking, And, as always, I had the convertible on the brain. When I spotted this one at Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield, I suspected I’d found it: the new MARtian mobile will be a mash-up of both Harts’ cars – a red-hot Mercedes convertible. The help I got from Giles perfectly matched the experience–who wants a hard-sell salesperson when you find someone so helpful and collaborative? And as if that wasn’t enough, the decision seems to have been destined when I discovered the car color is actually named ‘Mars Red’! Talk about a sign from the heavens, lol. The best part? Just like the Harts’ cars, this autoMARbile (as I like to call my wheels) will symbolize a proud moment to share with friends and family.

So wish me luck as I say farewell to my old car and welcome my new ride. Can’t wait to blast off to some new adventures this summer. Stay tuned, and watch out for topless, red UFOs!