Puppy Day

Hello, my MARtians!

Yesterday was National Puppy Day but for me, these days with my new cuddle of love Daisy, “Puppy Day” is every day. All those who have a dog or had a puppy, own a puppy or want a puppy know that there is no substitute for that puppy breath and the endless playtime and love they give their family members.

That said, there is nothing better than puppy love thus they call it puppy love was born. The magic and unconditional love these babies offer should be put in a bottle for everyone to experience at least once in a lifetime. We do love our puppies, and my new Mini Schnauzer, Daisy, is my poster girl for this special day here at Rosebrook Gardens. So we celebrate not just the day but the weekend with honor and delight – embracing the days with plenty of treats and playtime.

National Puppy Day was founded in 2006 by a Pet Lifestyle Expert, Colleen Paige. It is observed each year, celebrated on the Friday or Monday closest to March 23rd. National Puppy Day is an important day to bring awareness to the thousands of orphaned pups, as well as help educate people about the terrible conditions and lives of those unfortunate puppies living in puppy mills across our country. No puppy should have to endure such a poor existence nor should we support such places.

So on behalf of Violet, my 9-year-old Schnauzer, and my new 11-week-old puppy Daisy, we wish you all the love and kisses that only a puppy can offer. National Puppy Day may be observed on this 23rd this month, but for me everyday is a puppy love day.

So my MARtians, enjoy those fur babies and give them all a big kiss from everyone here at life on Mar’s!  #nationalpuppyday