Post Garden Tour

MARtians what can I say? Wow. So many of you took a trip to Mar’s this weekend and experienced my Casual Luxury philosophy at Rosebrook Gardens and saw what Life on Mar’s is all about. (Even in miniature it looks pretty good, I think. This was the sight that greeted everyone upon entry: a birdhouse replica of Rosebrook Gardens nestled in its own lush gardens.)

I have worked since late last year to create an experience that would be memorable, inspiring and out of this world.MARtians and those new-to-Mar’s came from all over the state, and beyond, to Westport. Mother Nature provided us with not one but two perfect days.

Saturday’s Open Days Program garden tour was a full-on event (but also provided us a dress rehearsal for the following day) as more than a hundred members visited the gardens, and were in awe. My team was on hand to answer questions and help direct traffic. With walkie-talkies in hand, I was able to move around the property as needed, answering countless gardening questions and greeting many wonderful guests.

Sunday brought six hundred different folks to Rosebrook Gardens for the Westport Historical Society’s 24thAnnual Hidden Garden Tour. You came in record-breaking numbers and you, too, fell in love with my in-town garden oasis. Many of you admired the Folly, Garden Studio, and Storage Nest but not one person walked away without also commenting on the sweet street and beautiful neighboring houses. Just as wonderful as the houses are the people who live inside – amazing, not to mention supportive.

Police officers directed traffic flow and parking, and guests walked down our private little street to be greeted right in front of Rosebrook Gardens, as we spilled out onto the road for registration and check-in. My adjacent neighbor’s backyard became the docents’ retreat to have a light lunch and get-away from the sun, while another neighbor provided spaces that were helpful for handicap parking. Perhaps this proves that strong neighboring communities that come together with pride as stewards of their homes see the best returns. We certainly had a lot of inquiries about the property across the street that was listed for sale! (PS: Sold within 48 hours, for over asking price, by yours truly.)

One thing is for sure: I could have never pulled off these garden tours without my neighbors’ support and, truth be told, I’m sure there would have been buyers for each home on the street if they’d wanted, as collectively the homes all added to the overall experience and charm of the garden tours.

So, thank you, to all my MARtians who attended, the first time visitors, and those who became MARtians who joined while here. Being a MARtians has its benefits, as this garden tour was free to all of them. But let me not forget the volunteers, and my tradesmen who help me prepare for the big events, and of course my neighbors, not just on my street but the surrounding area, as they all made these tours possible and such a success.

You all rock!