Pom Poms By Mar

Growing up, I spent many hours in the skating rink. I recall that in those days, young gentleman would purchase ones’ date, the classic pom poms sometimes with a bell. These came in a variety of colors. Your skating date would select a color while we would have the honor of placing them on their skates. Truth be told, I did this for any girl that would accept the offer. Throughout my young skating years, I made many new friends and decorated many, many skates along the way. Not much has changed since then, other than I now prefer to make my own. Over the years I refined my process only to be trumped by Clover, a clever pom pom maker manufacturer. Available in just about any knitting shop, this simple tool makes it easy and fun to do. Here are my recommendations for the best results.
What you will need for this project:

  • Clover Pom Pom maker; package includes two sizes: small and large Yarn (purchase a sturdy yarn that can tolerate a tug without breaking)
  • Scissors

Begin by opening the frame of the Pom Pom maker. There are two half circles. You will note that at both ends, there is a split. Holding the center of the frame in your palm with one end in your fingers, place the end of the yarn under your thumb and begin wrapping the half-circle. Go around and around with no slack. For large pom poms, wrap each half-circle 200 times. For the small frame, wrap 100 times. This is my suggestion for really fluffy pom poms. Otherwise, why bother! On the final wrap, close the circle and begin to wrap the other half-circle using the same strand of yarn. Wrap this side as the first.

Close the frame to make a circle and cut the yarn strand close to the frame. Holding the closed frame snuggly upright, put the tip of your scissors in the groove provided and begin to snip down the center of the frame. Take your time as this is a slow process. You will only be able to snip a few small sections at a time. Repeat on the other side.

Take three strands of yarn about 24 inches in length. Make a knot at both ends. Place around the center of the frame in the groove provided making sure to go through the notch at both ends of the circle. Tie firmly, but DO NOT make a knot. Open the frame, one half-circle at a time, four in total. When all four are open, pull the frame apart at the center. Take the two ends (with knots), one in each hand and pull tightly to create a ball. Holding tightly, rest the pom pom on the table and place your thumb on the center tie and create a knot. Cut off any excess strands of yarn from the pom pom. The two long ends with knots become the tie with which to secure the pom pom to the skate.

For additional fun, add glue-on eyes. Pom poms make a fun and unusual addition to package wrapping. For that matter, you could add them to your rear view mirror in lieu of dice. Make sure that they do not obstruct your view.

Whether you’re making pom poms for skates or just for the creative fun of it, enjoy the vast colors available and the process with some friends and neighbors. You will find that there will suddenly be an endless need for them.

And there you have it.