Take Notice blog

This week I was busy with spring activities and the Fox CT Dream Wedding, so I took a break on Wednesday night to enjoy myself with some friends at our new watering hole the Spotted Horse Tavern in Westport. I was happily enjoying my dinner and cocktails only to get a call from ADT security: my house alarm was going off.

I returned their call but they told me “police have already been dispatched” so I arrived home a few minutes later, to find two police officers parked on the street awaiting my return. I apologized for my delay only to have them quickly assure me that the premises were secure and that Violet was at the door (barking) awaiting me.

I thanked them profusely, then they both took a moment to say “Your home looks looks like a movie set.” I have to admit, with the outdoor lighting, the trees perfectly trimmed and up-lit, the wisteria over the pergola, the lush planters in full bloom and the design details of the home it did look breathtaking last night – as if it was all straight from the set of a romance novel. I was honored and touched by their comments.

These were not your typical people officers: while sweeping the property they took notice of the Folly, the garden studio, the gardens and even the stone dogs that greet everyone at the front door. Although not designers they were able to get in tune with the essence and romance that Rosebrook Gardens offers, similar to others who have never visited her before. I was so grateful that everything was okay and that they took the time to secure my home while they awaited my return. Clearly, they used their time wisely as the garden and home called for them to enjoy it despite the barking schnauzer.

I thanked them endlessly for being a wonderful part of our local Westport police, and also for being real troopers in noticing my passion and love for my home and garden. That said, Rosebrook Gardens is sixteen years old this year, and even the police can’t help themselves from noticing her beauty. The house might have been literally “booked” in print but thus far never in trouble with the law.

I entered my home that night and greeted my schnauzer knowing that police do take notice not only for safety and security but – when they have a moment – beauty as well. Personally, I feel better knowing that I live in a town that offers the best of both worlds.