Picky, Picky Pick

There is nothing better than fresh flowers from the garden, and having a four-season garden means I have an endless resource available to me. Unless, of course, I’m on a garden tour–then all bets are off as I keep the blooms on show in the yard and only focus on deadheading.

That said, this year is the first time in five years that I have allowed myself to enjoy the fruits of my labor by not having any garden tours. Oh sure, I could always have picked the flowers if I wanted to, but I normally waited until the public viewing of the gardens. This season I am focusing on celebrating Rosebrook Gardens’ 16th birthday all while planning a party worthy of a 16-year-old. I embrace the beauty and good future I have, knowing that I can call this special place home.

The gardens are only the beginning of my gift to share her beauty with others, as I know her cedar shingles, hardware, wood, and stone will outlast my lifetime. It is my duty to cherish her and secure her future by creating a solid foundation to last the test of time. The love and the memories can build on this foundation, as my mission continues to offer Rosebrook Gardens as a place for people to learn, have fun and pass it on. I’ve built my entire brand around her, and it serves me with a distinct honor to know that every day is a gift for me, too. Every last detail is entrenched in my mind, and so if I leave her for even a short period of time I return home longing for her to embrace my soul and fill my heart.

So this year I do not just smell the aroma of the flowers, but I’m cutting them at the same time. A feast for my eyes and my home as I welcome the year of rest. My nightstand, office, and living room showcase the white delicate peony bouquets, and since there is nothing better than homegrown I won’t be picky about picking mine this year!