Picking Flowers

Hello my MARtians, and welcome back to the Mar Blog.

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July long weekend! Some New York friends came to stay with me at my home, Rosebrook Gardens; how magical it was to enjoy the outdoor rooms with vistas of Mother Nature everywhere we looked. Beauty beyond my hopes – not just the setting, but the food, wine, and company. And of course Violet was happy to have overnight guests, too. All told, the past few days have been a wonderful way to renew the soul.

On Saturday, when Tara, a dedicated fan, heard that her cousin was actually staying at Rosebrook Gardens, she quickly reached out and asked for a garden and house visit. Her lovely daughter Scarlet Rose, who was no more than six, joined her for the visit.

Although Rosebrook Gardens is my home, it has also become the foundation for my Casual Luxury philosophy. Sharing my home, whether for a small group lecture or a mega tour, the meaning and the rewards are exactly the same. That said, this tour was different, as little Scarlet Rose was inquisitive, vocal and incredibly in tune with nature’s flowers and vegetation for one so young. She asked questions, appreciated colors and textures, and requested a bouquet to take home. This one-on-one time in the garden took me back to my childhood, when my grandmother would walk me through her garden and pick flowers with me for my room. These nostalgic memories filled my heart as I spent time with Scarlet Rose and I found myself connecting to my garden through memories of a time long ago.

I believe that this precious experience will forever be one of those I cherish. And who knows, one day maybe she will talk about that afternoon and how our time together was just as memorable to her as it was for me. This photo captures us both ‘in the moment’.

A nod of thanks to my Grandmother for introducing me to the world of gardening, and influencing how proud I am today to pass it forward. After all, that is truly what LIFE ON MAR’S is all about.

Who inspired you in the garden? I would love to know. Remember to give them thanks, by sharing your passion with others.