New York is where I rather be

Welcome back everyone,

I’m seriously considering trading my car in for an ark. It’s hard to get motivated with the continuous rain here in Connecticut – frustrating because every time I went to New York this week I had the best weather. So while I was here in Westport I needed some fabulous fun rain activities to get me out of the depressing funk.I decided I might as well enjoy all the movies playing and activities that are available to me. With New York less than an hour away, on Friday I treated my CEO, Paul Mitchell, to the Broadway play 9 to 5. It just happened to be perfect weather that night in the city but regardless of what was happening outside I found some much-needed fun and excitement inside. The show was fabulous and transferred onto the Broadway stage perfectly. With only minor changes, 9 to 5 was very much like the original movie. This is a great show to take your friends, family or neighbors to see. You will love it – it is so cleverly done with great singing and dancing.

The next morning in Tribeca’s Equinox gym I attended a demonstration of a breakthrough technique for increasing flexibility, energy and fluid movement through the body – and decrease pain. The creator, Sue, taught the class of all ages; a professional athlete and trainer, she invented a way to increase fluid movement throughout the body using a series of simple techniques to trigger specific points on hands and feet. I was curious to check out anything cutting edge, and even after one quick session I could feel a difference – and without breaking a sweat! I wanted to go back on the ice again to see how it felt to skate when feeling even more centered. For more information, check out

When the rain did return – after I got back to Westport, naturally – I was ready for it as I filled my home with wonderful old movies, board games and plenty of wine. I invited guests over for a “get out of the rain” gathering and with my iPod recently updated I opened my home to relax and have some much needed indoor fun. As we enjoyed our games, wine and company we passed around the self-tanning lotion (Estee Lauder’s new Bronze Goddess tanning gel – incredible texture and luxurious scent!) for that much-needed glow we’ve been all craving. The kids were happy watching movies, the adults were happy drinking and Violet was in her glory as the “Little Grande Dame.”

Before everyone arrived I put on my rain gear and went into the garden and began picking my new wave of blooming flowers: hydrangeas, roses, and irises. As wet as they were I created beautiful bouquets throughout the house and the perfume of flowers was that of a flower shop. Truth be told, picking your flowers just as they begin to bloom offers more indoor enjoyment, and gives the phrase “freshly picked” a new meaning.

Skating has become a new weekly ritual for me, as not long ago I received a call from a former skating partner Barbara Julian. It’s been over twenty years since we skated together but the moment we were back on the ice it was as if time stood still. But while time was standing still our bodies were not quite on the same program! Running through all my jumps and spins was challenging but trying them again was so rewarding and worth the falls, stumbles and slips. I did notice that my mind remembers what to do; my body, on the other hand, would not be so cooperative. Apparently it’s going to take some time before that damn double axel comes back for a visit. Meanwhile I’ll just have to invite some friends to join in on the fun and call it “Tuesday’s skating with Mar.”

Thursday was a beautiful day and I was back in New York with my glamour girl Angela for the Louis Vuitton Fall & Winter 2009 fashion show. The champagne was flowing, and the clothes were very gorgeous. I always say “Ladies, you need a husband and a boyfriend” and I was perfectly happy to play either role that day for Angela. We ended our whirl-wind superb day at the exclusive jewelers of Verdura; Angela was a real trooper and indulged me by trying on some “OTT” (over the top) pieces: a necklace from the 50’s and the earrings that Anne Hathaway wore to the recent Tony awards. These two pieces took my breath away. As did the views from the salon overlooking Central Park. We walk away with our heads high and empty handed – the prices would have taken our life savings away! But so worthwhile as I know we imprinted the beauty of the jewelry and the park views in our minds forever. Well, it will also help that I took

See: back and forth – from Westport to New York, and from inside to outside – I was always chasing the sunshine. But you can’t always. So if rain should rain on your parade, discover the many fun things you can do indoors. Create your own sunshine with a smile on your face – it’s contagious, I promise.

It’s Friday and what about your Miss Violet update? Well, Monday she was spayed and returned home that afternoon groggy and lethargic – and not at all happy with me. How do I know? Everyone who came to visit her got a much warmer reception than I did! It was so sad to see her a little “dazed and confused,” but after a good night’s sleep she was back to her normal spunky self. Honestly, it’s as if nothing happened! Now 29 weeks old she is a lady, just over 10 lbs and still growing. She LOVES ice cubes – carrying them around, throwing them up in the air and licking them. Now she has discovered where the “magic treat” comes from: the freezer section of the fridge, which is a bottom drawer on my model. The sound of the freezer door opening is better than a dinner bell: she comes flying into the kitchen from wherever she’s been. Her new trick? Taking ice cubes directly from the freezer when I open the door – she just starts crawling in! I notice her getting bolder and bolder; the last couple of weeks she used to wait for me to give her an ice cube, and now she is grabbing them for herself. I warn her “Miss Violet, you’d better be careful or I might seal you up in there by accident!” and she looks right up at me as if to say “After what you did to me this week I’m entitled!” And yes Miss Violet, you are.