New Life on MAR’s

Hi my MARtians! This week I’m turning over my blog to my new assistant, Lauren – enjoy! -MAR

I am a long time MARtian, and I have followed Mar Jennings’ wide-ranging, sage advice from pruning to home renovation and beyond. MAR’s compels me. I, like many of you, need the Mar touch in my life.

Recently, I was chosen to be among several amazing candidates to interview for a position with Mar and the capable and adorable Kelly. For me, the thrill was palpable. Mar has conquered critical areas of expertise from television hosting to lifestyle, to best selling author and so much more. Mar’s work stands for itself, but I have always wanted to stand with him.

I am delighted to say Mar and Kelly saw the value in my eclectic background in architecture, landscape architecture, vintage collectables, design and writing. He has helped me connect all the scattered dots in my life that have led up to working with him. Not to mention, it is great to finally get to know Miss Violet. I have admired her winsome charm from afar.

With Mar, I have put my expertise in writing – and particularly entertainment and lifestyle writing – to good use, and I have learned a lot. Mar has an incredible ability to look at commonplace things in a completely new way.

His organized, facile mind wondrously creates harmony out of discord and order from disarray. The bland becomes beautiful under his care. Best of all, Mar is brilliant when it comes to envisioning potential. Knowing Mar and Kelly has opened up unexpected possibilities. Just check out Green Isle in Westport, CT (the subject of his home makeover series on ABC) if you need tangible evidence of what I mean.

I had pretty huge expectations for Mar and his team, and I have to say I those expectations have been refreshingly exceeded. He is affable, warm and gracious, but best of all Mar knows how to get the most out of life, and he wants to share it with all of us. From the garden to exterior elevations to interior planning and living – life doesn’t get better than it is on MAR’s.