Never Bored with Beadboard

How often do I write about blurring the line between Mother Nature’s outdoor beauty and interior home décor? (The answer: Often!) Well, I like to change it up, too. This week’s blog is about reversing that concept: taking a common indoor element and applying the design detail to outdoor spaces.

Truth be told, beadboard – also know as wainscoting – is a perfect, charming wood accent for baths, laundry rooms, and hallways. It is also durable and long-lasting, and when installed it lends a cozy charm to any home. Although beadboard is normally seen with the lines going up and down, in the South it is not uncommon to see beadboard run horizontally. Many of my designs focus on moldings and trims, and I think that beadboard is a welcome ingredient when creating a recipe for almost any room.

So how do you use beadboard for exterior spaces? One must always consider the elements, the seasonal changes, and the amount of precipitation. I knew I needed something that would withstand the elements. I never get bored with Azek, a brand of wood-replacement products, also known as PVC trim. PVC is the same material used to make many kinds of waterproof products; when used as an exterior trim product, Azek provides superior durability against the forces of Mother Nature.

So when I discovered that they make a tongue-and-groove beadboard that is perfect for wainscoting, porches and ceilings, I knew I had a new project for my carpenter. The base of my bay window exterior has transformed from something nondescript to a MARvelous new detail. It now helps keep alive the importance of great craftsmanship and architectural details.

I’ll never get bored with installing beadboard in the house or on the exterior of my home. The best part? I never have to worry whether the weather will wither it!