My Sweet Daisy

Hello MARtians, and Happy Friday!

I am delighted to report my new doghter is getting bigger and bolder and prettier by the day.  She is now 7 pounds of energy, and hit a milestone this week; she can go down the stairs all by herself.  Now, while this makes me, as Daisy’s Daddy, very proud, it also makes me a little uneasy.  Why?  Well, she is in the chewing stage.  And as you all know, when you can’t see or hear your puppy, chances are they are up to no good.  Fortunately, I was able to rescue my Hermès loafer before she did too much harm…I’m just joking!  No doghter of mine would be so rude.  But she may try to nibble on your nose!

And you may wonder, how is Violet adjusting? If you ask Daisy, she couldn’t be more thrilled to have a big sister!  Daisy follows Violet around, wants her to jump and play, and has even tried to get Violet to give her a piggy-back ride. Violet wanted nothing to do with *that* – she is a dignified lady after all.  But Daisy wants to be with her all the time.  If Miss V is having a play-date next door, Daisy will periodically check the window to see when she’s coming home. Daisy crawls into Violet’s little house to snuggle with her and her eyes follow her big sister all the time.  Miss V is doing her best to teach Daisy how to be a grown-up lady.  And in exchange for sharing her house, her toys and her wisdom, she very willing to share Daisy’s rich and yummy puppy food!

Speaking of yummy – how delicious is this cake!?  Daisy’s Auntie Yvonne had the cake and the cupcakes made for her Daisy Shower, which was held last weekend.  Daisy’s Auntie Elayne decked out her home with pink décor, delicious food, cocktails and lots of daisies; she and Yvonne put together a fabulous day. We had so much fun; humans and dogs alike, and now Daisy has more toys than she knows what to do with! But she is not a greedy baby. If she received more than two of one toy, she told me she would like to donate it. Daisy is fully aware of the plight of homeless dogs, who don’t have the same comfortable lifestyle she and Violet so enjoy.   I love my local Humane Society for donating slightly worn toys and clothes. I was so blessed to be showered with upgrades to her toys and wardrobe. THANK YOU ALL!

I couldn’t be happier, and more proud of my little doghter. I’m also so proud of how well Violet is accepting this rambunctious redhead!  Daisy has brought excitement and adventure into Violet’s life, and more love and laughter into mine.